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Summer Bike Rentals

Just because you're renting a mountain bike, that doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice a great fit or the bike's particular performance.  After all, the whole point of having you try out a front suspension bike is to simply get you hooked on the "true" single track-mountain biking experience.  Whether it's your first time on the trails or you just want to try something different, we'll equip you with the most current, high-performance bikes, maintained and tuned to perfection for a fun, safe and totally rad day on the mountain.

Rental services include:

  • Trail bikes, comfort bikes, junior bikes and trailers
  • FREE helmet with every rental
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Bike Rental Prices


Trail Bikes  Comfort Bikes Junior Bikes   Trailer / Trail-A-Bike
Half Day: $58 Half Day: $38 Half Day: $28 Half Day: $28
Full Day: $72 Full Day: $47 Full Day: $34 Full Day: $34